When I worked in South Africa for 3 years I liked how at Easter time when I would teach the kids at the feeding program and
ask them which holiday we were getting ready to celebrate they would always reply with “Good Friday!” We put on a big
conference every year at that time, it was always so powerful. People were saved, set free and touched by the Lord in wonderful
ways. On the cross, on that Good Friday, Jesus did all he needed to so that people can be born again, set free from bondages,
healed of ailments and so on.

Galatians 3:13 says that “cursed is every man that hangs on a tree.” I’ve read that Roman upper class could never be crucified on a cross in that day because of a crime, because it was considered so very shameful. Reserved for the lowest, most vile criminals. So thecurse and shame that Jesus willingly took on on that cross He took on for us so that we’ll never have to. All of our sins are forgivenbecause of what he did. So that tree that Jesus willingly laid down His life on for our sakes has become for us a life giving tree. Jesus is the one Who has given us the opportunity for rebirth and for a Kingdom abundant life.

This coming Easter my adopted son here in Kenya is planning to get baptized as well as 3 of our other former street boys are wanting to as well. We are very excited for them about their rebirth and commitment to Christ. We are praying that each of them is filled to overflowing with the Spirit of God and that their walk with the Lord get stronger each and every day. We love that they want to get baptized on Easter. We hope and pray that you too have a blessed Good Friday and Easter and fall more and more in love
with the Lord as we think about all of the goodness and love that He poured out for us all on that day.


The boys baptisms 2014

Martin and Brian being baptized in 2014.