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Our Past Newsletters

Fruit in Every Season

August 13th 2020

Updates on our center in Kibera during the time of COVID. View Newsletter

Kneeling in the Sewer

March 14th 2020

Success in the lives of our students, new boys in our community and blessings through the new year. View Newsletter

Merry Christmas!

December 20th 2019

Graduations, baptisms and a new puppy. View Newsletter

A Hope That Doesn’t Dissapoint

November 6th 2019

Physical healings and the hope that is in Christ. View Newsletter

Jesus Changes People!

June 15th 2019

The transformations are evident, and only through the grace of God. View Newsletter

Dreaming with God!

March 7th 2019

A visit to Maasailand, new wheels and more boys off the street. View Newsletter

New Horizons for a New Year!

December 27th 2018

A new year with the Tree of Life Foundation. View Newsletter