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A “Fireball” at Twilight – and what it means for us

During a recent visit to Phoenix, Arizona, on June 2nd, 2016, I was outside late one night talking on the phone to people in Kenya and praying. It was well past 3:00 a.m. when I decided to head back inside the house to go to bed. Just as I was about to grab the door handle to go back inside the house, the Lord spoke to my spirit and said “No, stay.” I had experienced a similar instance before in…

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Help us to help Tobias get his teeth fixed

Here in Kenya we’ve been ministering to a group of street boys for several weeks now.  They are precious.  Really in need of help.  I’ve not yet seen anyone reaching out to help them.  Several of them had developed a habit of huffing glue, but I believe that the Lord is setting them free of that now.   On of the boys, Tobias, is 13 years old and says that he’s been living on the streets now for at least…

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Jose street

Help us feed hungry street children

Here in Nairobi, Kenya we’ve been blessed with the opportunity to feed hungry street kids and adults and even help many of them come off of the streets and make progress in school and church and in their families and communities.   Now that we have many in settled and pushing along in school we’d like to get out and help more of the ones who are still on the street and in need of a helping hand with food,…

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Simiyu Coke

Saving Simiyu

Simiyu is a boy who we rescued off of the streets last year.  His mom died some years ago, leaving him with his dad.  Then dad was sent to jail for crimes he was involved in.  That’s how he ended up living on the streets.  We saved him from the streets but since then Jesus has saved him from an eternity without being in the presence of a beautiful, loving, awesome God.  We are so happy for him. We thought…

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Finding Melckzedeck (The Rescue of a Street Boy)

As I walked to the grocery store one day in Nairobi, Kenya, in 2013, I ran across some of the street boys who I had been ministering to for about a year by then. In the course of our conversation my little friend, Victor, asked if I would buy him some yogurt, a coveted treat for the street kids, besides bread and milk. After completing my shopping and returning to Victor with his yogurt, I was surprised to find he…

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Victory! What do you need victory over?

Two definitions for the word victory are, “an act of defeating an enemy or opponent in a battle, game, or other competition,” and “success in a struggle against difficulties.” For the street boys who we love and help, victory for them sometimes means finding some food to eat before they return to their “base” or “kipanda (fruit stand)” at night. And it can mean making it through the night without being harassed by people who are up to no good.…

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Good Friday & the Tree of Life

When I worked in South Africa for 3 years I liked how at Easter time when I would teach the kids at the feeding program and ask them which holiday we were getting ready to celebrate they would always reply with “Good Friday!” We put on a big conference every year at that time, it was always so powerful. People were saved, set free and touched by the Lord in wonderful ways. On the cross, on that Good Friday, Jesus…

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Surgery for Eva

Praise God!  After nearly 4 years of suffering regularly from the pain of fibroid cysts, our precious and beautiful Eva can finally face life without the worry of that pain, and without the need to take strong, expensive pain killers on a daily basis. As a Kenyan it’s not an easy task to raise the funds necessary for such a surgery.  But by the grace of God and generous people whose hearts He touched, money was made available for the…

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Eva teaching

A story of Eva ~ shining her light for the Kingdom in Kenya

Jesus said in Matthew 5 verse 14, “You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden.” If He lives inside of us then we have a heavenly light within that wants to shine. In the world in which we live there is darkness that threatens to overtake and sweep away the souls of people, into places and situations that are destructive and potentially eternally damning. In Daniel 12:3 an angel said to Daniel,…

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Samburu wedding ceremony

Reaching out to the Samburu tribe

The Samburu people are a beautiful tribe of people in nothern Kenya who need to hear more about the extravagant love that the Father has for them. They are nomadic herds people who live a wonderful simple life of caring for their animals and loving their families.  They live in sall groups of huts called manyattas in a hot, dry climate.  They were born out of the Masaii tribe after fighthing within the group decades ago. Last year we took…

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